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General George Monck on the march

While writing The King’s Shadow (to be published soon by Endeavour Press) I contemplated using poems as epigraphs to my chapters—but the copious verse written in 1660, for or against General George Monck and his army as they marched to London, was so lamentable that I gave up the idea. Lamentable and occasionally scurrilous: one versifier put John Lambert’s wife in bed with Monck, seducing him into republicanism! Historians disagree about Monck’s true intentions but the author of the pamphlet below was clearly convinced that the people would be on Monck’s side if he could persuade parliament to bring back Charles II. Read The King’s Shadow to find out if they were!

Now George for England, that brave Warrior bold,
That would not be by Lambert's force controul'd;
But did endeavour for the good o'th'Nation,
We hope to work a blessed Reformation,
And settle Kingly Power in this Dominion,
And then thou shalt be great in the Opinion
Of all good people that do fear the Lord,
And then no doubt they will with thee accord,
And say, Long live brave George in Wealth and Peace,
Bless thee with Honors, Plenty and Increase.

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