Sunday, 12 June 2016 09:59

The King's Shadow

This gentleman is the enigmatic hero of my latest novel, to be published by Endeavour Press later this year. Want to give it a frank review? Email me today for a free pdf copy here.

Charles. The name of a king not yet on the throne. Until New Year’s Day 1660, few believe he ever will be. But on this icy morning, an army sets out from Coldstream to march on London. Is it marching to bring back the king?

Mark Denton, colonel of cavalry in that army, is the most rigorous parliamentarian in York, the scourge of royalist conspirators across the North. He must find out what his commander, General George Monck, intends to achieve in London.

Lucinda Selby, in secret revolt against Parliament and its army, allies herself with a brilliant member of the exiled court and goes to London also—with a risky mission on the king’s behalf.

In an England riven by factions, the desires of the most powerful players are the more deadly for being concealed. Meanwhile, amongst the danger and mystery moves the King’s Shadow, the most enigmatic of them all.

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